Art/ Music/ Fashion/ Crystals/ Bones/ Dreamscapes

Art/ Music/ Fashion/ Crystals/ Bones/ Dreamscapes

when barbarella meets jeremiah johnson.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What I Love Right Now

* Pendleton Wools *

Pendleton Woolen Mills + Portland Designers and Church + State Created an entire line of magic

I've worked with the pattern on the lower photo-- its beautiful and the weight of the wool is perfect for draping or orgami style constructions

Pearl Necklace

Modeling and working Makeup and Styling for Marne Lucas is a delight and never ceases to amaze

Pool Party

Sexy Pin-Up Shoots with Photographer Marne Lucas! Model is Sarah Jane and the look for the shoot: Qui magazine meets American Pool Party Princess

Widow's Walk Film Shoot

Widow's Walk Film Shoot

*New Year Focus!*

i like to work on collective film, video, and music projects with others on the road or in barcelona.

fashion focus that takes the bougeois out and injects humor, innovation, and skills in.

a collective helps to shake the dust off static and invigorates fresh ideas and flow